xiaomi Redmi 9 Power – A Review Of This Android Smart Phone


Last week, Xiaomi, released the new Redmi 9 Power with amazing prices starting from just Rs 10,000. Before the launch, Xiaomi had also sent a limited review unit to DH. We have been having a use of the product for a few weeks and here are our honest thoughts. Read on. xiaomi redmi 9 power

The xiaomi redmi 9 power is not much different when compared to the older models of the smartphone. It still comes with an eight mega pixel camera with an optical zoom lens, a high-end processor, and a huge battery. The main highlight of this phone is its camera; it has a high-quality twelve megapixel camera that can take clear pictures of people, pets, and landscapes. The flaunt of the camera does not end here, the phone also boasts of a rich sound system which gives you excellent clarity.

The phone’s main reason behind its awesome clarity is its Clearview HD display with a staggering resolution of 6.53-inch. It is also equipped with a super sensitive touch screen which responds instantly. The phone is also accompanied with a high-speed dual core processor that enables faster start-ups and better performance. The phone’s memory capacity is 1GB and it uses expandable internal storage which further increases storage space. Other features include a large fingerprint scanner, a high-speed Bluetooth, a virtual keyboard, a large battery, and a heart rate monitor. In addition to these features, the xiaomi redmi 9 power also comes with a comprehensive user guide and an application called MiHome.

One thing I must mention about the redmi nine power is that it has a rather big bevy of accessories. For example, there is axiaoid hands free kit included which enables the person holding the phone to use it with one’s hand free of all the phone’s buttons. Another handy item is thexiaoid power cord which can help you charge the phone. Apart from this, there are also other handy items such as thexiaoid keypad, micro USB cable, battery and silicone skin. The micro USB cable is used to connect the battery to the phone and the silicone skin is used for the power button.

Coming to the prices, the redmi nine power comes with a price tag of $400. This may seem rather expensive for a phone but it is in fact one of the best deals one could find for a high-quality mobile phone. The features, along with the stunning price tag, make the RIZO a must buy. The phone comes with a high-end storage, powerful speakerphone, an intuitive interface, a 3.2 mega pixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, a speedy fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor, a built-in barcode scanner and other connectivity features.

According to our sources, we expect the launch date of the smartphone to fall between the end of September and the beginning of October. For those who are not keen on buying a handset now, you may also wait for the launch date to become a part of the promotional cycle. You will need to check with various online retailers and distributors for the availability of the devices. The good news is that the android smartphone market is booming and there is a lot of choice available. You can go with your favorite brands or test the waters with some of the low cost models

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