Oppo F19 Smartphone Features That You Should Consider


The Oppo F19 easily fits into the category of sub-tablets. It is an entry level smartphone in the highly competitive sub-budget category which is meant to cater to the needs of the first time user. The Oppo F19 easily fits into the category of sub-tablets but then there are many other devices in the similar price range such as the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max which offer much more bang for your buck. The Oppo F19 isn’t the cheapest phone in the market by any means. However, it is still a very competent device and it has a lot of useful features packed into its every aspect. At its entry price ofRs 18,990, the Oppo F19 puts itself into the very competitive sub Rs 20,000 price segment where it competes with the likes of the capacitive Android mobiles from Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Oppo F19

In this review, we’ll have a quick look at some of the interesting features and functions that the Oppo F19 packs into its single frame. One of the unique things about the Oppo F19 smartphone is that it has two screen panels that can be switched automatically, one for regular browsing and the second one for viewing the social media. As for the hardware, this device is powered by the Windows operating system – a step forward from its predecessors which were all based on the Windows CE platform. The dual battery facility enables this handset to double up as a data logger and a PDA as well. This is possible thanks to the two miniature lithium ion batteries which are placed in opposite sides of the symmetrical metallic assembly on the motherboard. These dual batteries charge simultaneously and when fully charged, they’ll double the life of this handset to over two or three hours.

Another interesting feature that this smartphone has is its fast charging support. Under the hood, you’ll find an advanced Fast Charge technology that’s capable of boosting the voltage of the battery from 1500 mA to over 2021 mA, enabling this handset to enter its turbo mode without any problems. When on turbo, the processor doubles up as a digital camera with the ability to capture high definition images. To get the desired results, you need to keep this feature on and the battery fully charged throughout the day.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Oppo F19 realme smartphone comes equipped with an 8 mega-apixel rear camera. This is quite good when compared with some other rear cameras in the market that tend to offer less resolution. However, the main reason behind this is that this device is a touch screen gadget. The lack of a rear camera means that you won’t be able to take pictures of people who are too far away.

On the contrary, the front camera setup on this Oppo F19 seems to be pretty standard. The main reason behind this is that this handset is meant for better photography needs and not for taking group photos. In terms of zoom, the front aperture is f/2.8, which is just sufficient for normal pictures. The 2-megapixel camera is ideal for taking photos of fast moving objects like cars or kids.

One feature that you should consider when looking at the Oppo F19 smartphone is its battery. While many reviews have said that the phone runs pretty much on charge, it does take more than a day to charge completely. In fact, it takes close to three hours just to finish using this smartphone. If you want to save some juice every time you use it, you can buy a Quick Charge Offers from some online retailers. It allows you to quickly add up to 15 percent more juice to your battery before it’s time to start using the Oppo F19.

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